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webmaster classes

Learn to build a website you can be proud of

Yes, you can do it. It's easy when we guide you step-by-step. Take our one-to-one webmaster class, and build your own professional looking, fully functional website or online shop. After the course you will be able to modify and expand your website whenever needed.

How does it work?

  • You will perform all tasks LIVE during class
  • You will build your own LIVE website

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to build their own website
  • Anyone who wants to maintain an existing website

Are there any requirements?

  • Very basic computer skills (type, copy/paste)
  • 48 hours booking in advance

What are the charges?

  • We charge €50/hour (One-to-One Tuition)
  • Call-out-charges apply if we train you at your location
  • 25% extra charge, for outside office hours training

What is the location?

  • walk-in-shop
  • Your own office


  • Choose your own date and time

Build your own website

Duration: 3 Hours One to One Tuition

Save money by building your own website. In our one-to-one training course, YOU WILL BUILD a professionally designed website to promote your services.

The course topics are:

Build your own on-line shop

Duration: 5 Hours One to One Tuition

Sell products online. Save hundreds or thousands of Euro by building your own ecommerce website ! With our one-to-one tuition course, we guide you through the process of building a professional on-line shop.

The course topics are:

Maintain your own website

Duration: Minimum 1 Hour One to One Tuition

In this tuition course you can learn how to maintain and grow your website.

Choice of topics: